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Honors Program

The School of LER has an active Honors program for LER majors. Honors students are part of the Schreyer Honors College, ranked as one of the top Honors programs at a public university in the country.  LER faculty work very closely with Honors students to make sure they have as positive an educational experience as possible.  We are able to do so, in part, because our Honors program is relatively small, compared to many other departments.  Honors students supplement their coursework with Honors courses; they also work closely with a faculty advisor to produce an Honors thesis. Students admitted to Penn State can transfer into the LER program at any time.  Outstanding students who are not a part of the Honors College during their first two years at Penn State are eligible for nomination to the LER Honors program during their fourth semester. 

For more information contact LER Advisor Katelyn Perry.