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The School of Labor and Employment Relations offers B.S. and B.A. majors in Labor and Employment Relations. LER majors learn about all aspects of work and the employment relationship, including:

  • the best strategies for recruiting and hiring a productive workforce
  • the laws that protect employees in the workplace
  • effective human resource practices and policies
  • the challenge of balancing work and family pressures
  • the impact of globalization on work and the workforce
  • the psychology of work and workers
  • the roles unions and collective bargaining play in the workplace
  • the importance of having a diverse workforce
  • effective methods for resolving conflicts in the workplace
  • the rise of new technologies and ways of organizing work.


Undergraduate Curriculum Goals

LER graduates have great success when they enter the job market. The number of professional job openings in the field of human resource management and employment relations is expected to increase significantly in the next ten to twenty years. One of the best things about being an LER major is that it prepares you for a wide range of careers. Many of our students work as human resource or employment relations managers with companies, however, our students also find jobs with unions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

We welcome you to browse our website or contact our academic advisor, Katelyn Perry, for more information on the major.


LER Undergraduate Concentrations

A degree in Labor and Employment Relations provides a broad, multi-disciplinary foundation of theoretical and professional knowledge about the nature and functions of the institutions involved in the employment relationship.  LER is a rich, dynamic field which incorporates a number of different disciplines. Students may find themselves especially interested in a particular aspect or dimension of this field. The School of Labor and Employment Relations offers all LER majors the opportunity to pursue professional concentrations in four areas.  These concentrations are not required for LER majors; they should be viewed as optional supplements or enhancements to the LER degree.  They are intended to foster development in an area of specialty or competency within the LER field.  Students who opt to pursue a concentration must complete a set of core requirements, showing increased perspective in a chosen area.

There are four areas of concentration offered by the School of Labor and Employment Relations:

  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Unions and Collective Bargaining
  • International Employment Relations and Human Resources

Each concentration consists of a pattern or group of courses developed and evaluated by the faculty members in the School of Labor and Employment Relations.  Students may complete a concentration by successfully completing three of the approved courses (i.e., nine credits) listed for each concentration.  In all courses taken to complete a concentration, a grade of “C” or better is required.  Only courses approved by the School of Labor and Employment Relations may be used to complete the requirements of a concentration.  Substitutions are granted on a very limited basis, and students requesting a substitution must obtain a Substitution Request Form from LER adviser, Katelyn Perry, and meet with the Undergraduate Officer to obtain his/her signature on the form.  Signed Substitution Request Forms should be submitted to LER Staff Assistant Sierra Page for record-keeping.

Substitution Request form


Concentration check sheets and applications may be obtained from adviser Katelyn Perry at any time. Completed applications should be submitted to Staff Assistant, Sierra Page; Ms. Page will obtain the Undergraduate Officer’s signature and maintain all active applications on file.

It is possible for students to complete more than one concentration, and students may indicate their choices on the application form.  Furthermore, if a student decides to pursue an additional concentration at a later date, the original application may be updated.  Students should see Ms. Page to update their applications. 

Concentrations and Application Guidelines


At the beginning of the semester in which students activate their intent to graduate via elion, their concentration applications will be reviewed and their completion will be verified by the School of Labor and Employment Relations.  Approved certificates will be signed by the Undergraduate Officer and Director of the School of Labor and Employment Relations. Certificates are mailed to students after commencement.

5 Year BS/MS IUG