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Labour Rights Indicators, New Database!

Labour Rights Indicators

The Labour Rights Indicators are based on coding the findings of selected nine sources and compiling this information in a readily accessible and concise manner. It is designed to be used both by practitioners and researchers. It builds on five basic elements: the premises of definitional validity, reproducibility and transparency; the 108 violation type used to code violations in law and practice; the textual sources selected for coding; the general and source-specific coding rules; and the rules to convert the coded information into normalized indicators. The country profiles provide detailed and verifiable information over time that can be easily traced back to the original textual source.

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Call for Collaborators, Labour Rights Indicators

The Labour Rights (LR) Indicators is an initiative of the Global Labour University and the Center for Global Workers’ Rights at Penn State University. Its goal is to make available to researchers and practitioners reliable and concise data on the status of trade union rights in law and practice in the world today. The LR indicators are currently available for the year 2012. In order to update the information the Center is looking for coders with a strong interest and knowledge in industrial relations and international labour standards with a commitment to systematic analysis of textual data. 
More information is available here. 

David Kucera and Dora Sari, "New 'Labour Rights Indicators': Method and Results", CGWR Working Paper Series, April 2016. 

Read full paper here: Kucera and Sari 2016