Throughout their time in the graduate program the Graduate Director will serve as students’ graduate advisor. In this role the Graduate Director will acquaint new students with the various procedures and requirements necessary for successful degree completion and assist in course selections. If a student decides to write a Thesis, the Graduate Director will remain the student’s graduate advisor until a Thesis Committee Chair is chosen.

If a student prefers, she or he may request that a different faculty member serve as their graduate advisor. If the faculty member consents, he or she assumes the role of the student’s graduate advisor

In coordination with the Graduate Director, you will receive regular emails that will be of great value from the Graduate Program Staff Assistant, Erin Hetzel. Mrs. Hetzel will keep you on track by making you aware of time lines and various other deadlines. For that reason it is crucial that you check your Penn State email on a regular basis and respond in a timely fashion to her emails.

Graduate Director
Dr. Elaine Farndale

Graduate Program Staff Assistant
Erin Hetzel