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The School of Labor and Employment Relations has three Masters programs that focus on human resources, employment relations, and labor.  The programs differ in their areas of emphasis and in the experience and backgrounds of the students in the program. However, students in each program benefit from being part of the School’s tight-knit academic and practitioner community, while enjoying the benefits of being associated with a large, world-class university known around the globe.

The M.S. IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS is aimed at individuals with little or no professional experience who want to pursue careers in the fields of human resources, employment relations, and labor.  The typical student in this program either enrolls immediately after earning their undergraduate degree or after a few years in the workforce.  The degree prepares graduates to work in companies, non-profit organizations, or government agencies as generalists or specialists in human resource management or labor and employment relations practitioners.  Graduates of the M.S. program also often go to work for unions as professional or technical staff.  Some students combine this degree with a law degree and enter the practice of labor and employment law.  The M.S. is a residential program offered at Penn State’s University Park campus. For additional information on admission to this program, the application process, possible careers, faculty, curriculum, etc., go to M.S. IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS.

The M.P.S. IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS is a degree program for people who have already entered the workforce and who are looking for a degree program that will enable them to pursue a masters degree in human resources, employment relations, and labor while continuing to work and meet other personal and family obligations. The degree is entirely online and does not require students to come to a Penn State campus.  It is a rigorous, high quality program in which the vast majority of students are part-time.  Graduates of this program receive the same Penn State degree as students in residential masters program. However, the degree is delivered online through the university’s internationally-renowned World Campus in order to meet the needs of people already working in the field or those who want to move into human resources, employment relations, and labor from another field.  To be admitted to the M.P.S. program applicants must have at least two years of full-time work experience, preferably in a related field.  For more information on the M.P.S. in HRER degree, go to M.P.S. IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS.

The third graduate degree offered by the School is the M.P.S. IN LABOR AND GLOBAL WORKERS RIGHTS. This degree is designed for mid-career international and U.S. labor practitioners who want to better equip themselves, their unions, and their governments to deal with the impact of globalization on workers around the world.  It focuses on international and comparative employment relations systems, workers’ rights in the global economy, international labor and employment law, and strategic corporate research and campaigns.  The M.P.S. in LGWR is a twelve month program and financial aid is available to make it possible for practitioners to attend.  For more information go to: M.P.S.  IN LABOR AND GLOBAL WORKERS RIGHTS.