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Yufei "Agnes" Li

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Accepted Internship position with Ogilvy- Summer 2017

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Yufei Li is currently a graduate student at Pennsylvania State University. She will gain a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations in 2018. 

Her first experience practicing in HR field came while she was an intern in an executive search company. She assisted the work of conducting interviews and searching for appropriate candidates in varied industries. This internship gave Yufei insights into the business models of various industries and taught her that to be an excellent recruiter, it is more than to simply find the proper candidates, but also to acknowledge the whole picture of the market, to distinguish the real motivation of the participants and to put heart into each part of the job because every decision made in this process could change someone’s life forever.

Yufei is level-headed under pressure and very adaptive to work environment. She is very open to HR internship opportunities, eager to learn and ready to become a part of a team culture.