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Wong "Michelle" Siu Woon

Wong "Michelle" Siu Woon

Master’s Degree in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

Expected Graduation: August 2018



I believe that collective power is the key to make our world a better place. Globalization, and the labor migration that it leads to, is a challenge of workers unions. I was a domestic workers union organizer in Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. I spent 5 years working side by side with inspiring women leaders in Hong Kong Domestic Workers General Union (HKDWGU) and Hong Kong Federation of Domestic Workers Unions (HK-FADWU). Apart from the skills of organizing and campaign building that I have learned from them, I am grateful for the friendship. Their life stories deeply enlighten me to devote on building international solidarity among workers to the global economy.

That is why I come to Penn State to study in MPS in Labor and Global Workers Rights. In this one-year program, I hope to develop the skillset to resolve the knot of informalization and deregularization for the global labor force.

I have written some interviews and stories of informal sector unions in Hong Kong. Labor education is one of my interests. I have delivered labor training programs for several worker unions. My past experiences as teacher, editor and adult education instructor have developed my communication skill.

I received a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies in Hong Kong Chinese University in 2012.