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Porche'  Maloney

Integrated Labor Studies and Employment

Relations B.S. and Human Resources and

Employment Relations M.S IUG. program

Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

Accepted Full-time position with GE

Curriculum Vitae

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Porche Maloney, from Pittsburgh, PA, will receive both a Baccalaureate and Master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations through the Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate program in May 2017. Outside of the classroom, Porche supports her professional aspirations by having served as the Professional Development co-chair for the Society for Human Resources Management.  Furthermore, she acted as a Program Assistant for the Ritner Experience Program where she developed and hosted programs that focus on professional development and diversity awareness. Additionally, Porche supports peer development and coaching by serving as a mentor for two Liberal Arts students and being a Planning Committee member for the peer-mentoring organization, BLUEprint. Through the experiences she has gained with various professional internships (see her Linkedin profile for a full list), Porche has developed a sophisticated skillset that has enabled her to assist students of all majors in finding internships.  She has been able to leverage this skillset in her role as an INROADS Student Ambassador.