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Miri Ohashi

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

Accepted Full-time position with Siemens

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Miri is a second year graduate student in the HRER master’s program. She has also completed her Bachelors at Penn State, majoring in Business Psychology with a certificate in Consumer Psychology and Public Policy.

Her passion in IHRM (international human resource management) has inspired her to acquire few international internship opportunities. Specifically, during summer 2016 she worked with Deloitte Consulting in Tokyo, Japan as a Global Human Capital intern analyzing performance management trend. She is currently located in Eskilsutna, Sweden for an international internship program with Volvo Group. She is in charge of Change Management intern under Operation Europe, responsible for exploring and implementing strategic tools to increase employee wellbeing during company hardship.

She is actively seeking a full-time opportunity with an exposure to IHRM. Specifically, organizational behavior and strategy with emphasis on employee wellbeing.