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Resources & Calls for Papers

The information provided here relates to resources and events that you may find useful when doing research or teaching in the broad field of IHRM. The resources relate to recent articles, books, and conferences, as well as blogs and other organizations doing research in this field. Please email us at if you would like to suggest additional resources.


Call for Papers

12th Global and Cross Cultural Research Ph.D. and Post-Doc Seminar and Conference

June 25 – June 30, 2017

Maastricht, The Netherlands 

Convenors: Mark F. Peterson & Mikael Soendergaard

The Workshop and Conference is designed for business, public administration, and social science Ph.D. students doing culture-related research, and for recent Ph.D. graduates who hold post-doctoral appointments doing such research. The event has lectures and discussion sessions on:

·       Fundamental Assumptions in Cross Cultural Research

·        Cross Cultural Research Origins: Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Psychology

·        Early Comparative Organizational Analysis

·        Culture’s Consequences (with Geert Hofstede)

·        Recent Comparative Organizational Research

·        Methodology in Comparative Organizational Study

·        Controversies about Cultural Boundaries

Download the full call for papers here.

Submission deadline: 25 March 2017

For more information, contact:

10th Biennial International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network

“Sustainable HRM”

Organized by the Institute for Management Research (IMR), Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The biennial conference of the Dutch HRM network conference welcomes all kinds of papers
on the topic of HRM. In particular, this year’s Dutch HRM conference will have a special
focus on Sustainable HRM. The need to link HRM to the issue of sustainability is apparent,
however research on the topic is still scarce. And many research questions, theoretically and
empirically, still need further exploration. Although several authors tried to define the concept
of sustainable HRM, there is not yet consensus about the content and scope of the topic. As a
result, we both need further theorizing of the topic and exploration of its practical
implications. The aim for the 10th International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network is to map efforts in
linking HRM to sustainability and to bring together international scholars to reflect on the
progress, to present state-of-the art current scholarly work in the field, and to define avenues
for further research.

Download the call for papers here.

Submission deadline: 1 May 2017


Special Issue of Business Research Quarterly

Talent Management: Quo Vadis?

Guest Editors: Michael J Morley, Mireia Valverde, & Elaine Farndale

The special issue is focused on developing a critical reflection on what has been accomplished in the talent management field of study to date. There is a significant and ongoing dialogue about talent management in the academic and practitioner literature as effective talent management is proposed as one of the critical capabilities that will distinguish successful global firms. Consequently, the literature on talent management has been growing continuously, though to some in a somewhat haphazard way. In particular, the special issue is seeking manuscripts that offer deeper insights on appropriate theoretical lenses that unearth the conceptual utility of talent management, along with empirical contributions that clarify and evaluate the operationalization and impact of talent management practices, processes and systems in a range of contexts and on different stakeholders.

Download the call for papers here.

Submission deadline: 30 August 2017


Special Issue of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Perspectives on Diversity and Equality in Under-Researched Countries

Guest Editors: Alain Klarsfeld, Lena Knappert, Angela Kornau, Faith Ngunjiri, Barbara Sieben

The purpose of this special issue is to further restore diversity and equality to its national contexts by shedding light on under-researched countries, including (though not limited to) countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. All papers must be empirically driven, utilizing either primary or secondary data. Theoretical frameworks may also be used to assist with describing and/or understanding a country’s context. Multiple authorship is encouraged to offer diverse viewpoints, within each paper. It is anticipated that multiple authors will contribute different and diverse data sets to enrich the perspectives for each country. 

Submission deadline: October 31, 2017. Submission will be available from August 1, 2017.


Recent journal special issues dedicated to IHRM:

International Journal of Human Resource Management Special Issue

Volume 26, issue 6 (2015) of the International Journal of Human Resource Management is devoted to 'A global perspective on diversity and inclusion in work organizations'. This special issue was an initiative of the HR Division of the Academy of Management, guest edited by, among others, CIHRS members Elaine Farndale and Sumita Raghuram.


Recent books related to IHRM:

Handbook of Human Resource Management in the Middle East

This 2016 Handbook provides evidence-based information regarding the dynamics of HRM in this important region. The book includes contextual and functional issues such as societal and cultural perspectives, performance management and talent management; country-specific HRM covering the GCC, Levant and North African nations; and emerging themes such as HR issues related to domestic workers, labor localization, expatriate management, CSR, Wasta, foreign and public sector firms.

Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management

This 2016 volume is edited by Adrian Wilkinson, Griffith University, Australia and Stewart Johnstone, Newcastle University Business School, UK. The Encyclopedia is an authoritative and comprehensive reference resource with some 400 entries on core HR areas and key concepts, including international HRM.

The Routledge Companion to International Human Resource Management

This 2015 volume examines cutting-edge themes, with the input of contributions from both established and

emerging scholars. The Routledge Companion to International Human Resource Management gives a state-of-the-art overview of the key themes, topics and debates in the discipline, with valuable insights into directions for future research.

Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets

Bringing together a diverse set of key HRM themes such as talent management, global careers and employee engagement, this remarkably wide ranging work (published 2015) on managing human resources in more than 20 emerging markets is written by world-leading experts in HRM in emerging markets and based on leading-edge research and practice.

Online resources related to IHRM:

Blog: Marian van Bakel

A blog about expatriates and intercultural communication by Marian van Bakel, University of Southern Denmark. This blog mainly speaks to a practitioner audience including posts to make academic articles more accessible.



Blog: B. Sebastian Reiche

Prof. Reiche's research focuses on international assignments and forms of global work, knowledge transfer, talent retention, cross-cultural management and global leadership.


Harzing: Research in International Management

Prof. Harzing has produced many useful resources for scholars in the field of international human resource management. Check out the website to see more.