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For over 70 years, the mission of the School of Labor & Employment Relations has been to make workplaces better through teaching, research, and outreach.

From its beginnings as an extension program with a small, part-time staff of adult education specialists, the program has grown to an internationally recognized academic department with twenty full-time faculty, six staff, 200 residential majors, 40 residential grad students, and over 1,700 part-time online students. The department has more than 2,500 alumni working in a range of capacities for labor unions, national and multinational corporations, small businesses, government, and non-profits. Its Alumni Program Board was the first such group organized in the College of the Liberal Arts and has remained a leader among departmental alumni groups at Penn State.

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Learn more about the LER major and the many career options available in human resources, law, government, and the labor movement!


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